Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Drawing of Mohammad

Here lies the spot where my Muhammad drawing once resided. The other day I noticed the picture had been taken down. It had a lifespan on my site of about 3 days. My insignificant, little website, was altered. Either the domain name company or Blogger censored me. It was also removed from my twitter feed and Facebook timeline.

The drawing was tasteless, immature and a total affront to the religion. I knowingly drew it to illicit praise and anger. I was also expressing my own anger. I was quite surprised that I was censored. All it did was empower me by feeling slightly less insignificant. When the indifferent become the majority, and politicians are motivated by their own agenda of self preservation, rebels are born.  I'm just another pointless internet kook and they noticed me. Don't they know this only fuels the fire?

The part that bothers me the most is I could draw a degrading picture of any other deity and "it's all good." I hear folks use the phrase, "If we don't (insert something funny) the terrorists win." In my small little world, they did win. I know the sick fools that blow stuff up are a minority of the faith. I'll never agree with the  myopic redneck idea that all Muslims are evil. Actually I know many Muslims, blah, blah, blah, don't you hate it when people go to a roll call of buddies? I don't know any Muslims. I don't know any Jews. I don't know any Buddhists. If I did it wouldn't matter. I do know 4 gay people, 9 black dudes and an ass-load of Mexicans. What the hell does any of that prove?

Sorry, I got caught up in my rhetoric. So, without further build-up here is my politically correct drawing of a man named "Mike." It's absolutely not Muhammad. Don't worry about what's under the black line at the top of the drawing, because what it conceals could destroy our world as we know it.

Update: 7/16/2013 - My politically correct drawing of "MIKE" has been taken down. Please enjoy this vacant box. Whatever. Maybe I was destroying the world. I guess it's a good thing, because destroying the world is bad. (Shrugs shoulders) It's baseball season, I'm past the point of caring.

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