Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fat Office Ladies

I guess in order to sport flip-flops in a professional setting you must be obese and wear powdered sugar as perfume. Maybe the kankles distract the shoe apparel trespass these chubby rebels are committing.
I've gave up on humans in general, what's so wrong with people giving up on themselves?Self-respect is merely a hobby these days I guess.

As I walk into work, I pass them in the parking lot. When it's hot, I often see these big girls taking a break at the half-way point to the door. One even asked me to help them get to the door.

Why should I help you walk? Are you a war vet or someone elderly that has earned the right? No! You're fat, stupid and now shameless. I think these fat heifers need a dose of shame daily just to keep them from exploiting the compassionate. Do your part.