Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Streetfighter 2: Under the Microscope

I'm not really a gamer. I find most video games a total waste of time and life. However, when I was kid I was not above the Street Fighter II craze. Does anyone remember Street Fighter I? I don't either. The picture on the left  is from the first one. Is Ryu fighting O.J.?

It's funny to look back and see how lame something can be, that was once deemed cool. The odd thing about the ancient game is it's ability to be just as disturbing as current game titles that are far more of an affront to decency.

"Oh my god, you can see up Chung Li's skirt when she falls down!" said an overstimulated youth. Yeah that was hot, but the question still remains. Is it right for a 400 lb. plus Sumo Wrestler to beat the holy-hell out of a 4 foot tall Asian lady? Sure she can fight and she has that fast kick thing, but geez, now that I look back, that match-up doesn't even seem ethical.

Oh and another thing, I just noticed most of the fighting never takes place on the street. In fact, I never saw a traffic light or parking meter. I'm just saying, don't call it a street when your fighting in Dhalsim's temple, that's offensive.

Then there's the whole issue of Guile. His hair is far from regulation and organizing fights around a multi-million dollar jet just seems foolish. Or how about when he goes abroad to kick people's asses in other countries. All the while, wearing his uniform. That's almost an act of war. I would at least not dress in Army issue fatigues, I doubt the Army would want to be part of a underground fighting tournament.

And what race are Ken and Ryu supposed to be? Are they Asian, White or Robots? They got plasma cannons in their hands, I feel labeling them as robots isn't out of line. And, why does Ehonda look like Richard Nixon? Did they not think we'd notice?

Don't even get me started on Blanca.  I'm so very, very disillusioned.  


  1. sf2 is best played at mid cities with a bunch of mexicans bumping into u

  2. What I thought was strange, is that the Mexicans never skated. What up wid dat?

  3. Its just basically Japan's idea of making things actually creative. If Guile's hair was a military cut, that would just make it boring. His hair was made as his trade mark. Keiji Inafune also made Guile wear a uniform because he thought it was the best way to portrait that hes from America. Because can you think of any culturally American clothes? Also Ken and Ryu trained martial arts in the same school but they different races. Ken is american and Ryu is Japanese. Its pretty similar to how im asian and one of my good friends that trained in the same school as me is white. What? you never saw different races train in the same martial arts school? Thats a type of segragation in some cases. Lastly, those "plasma cannons" are called hadokens. They are supposed to be spiritual energy made compressed together. Ryu and Ken were taught this by their master. Basically controlling your spirit. This is similar to how some martial arts say that they are meant to train your body and spirit. You must be a white person that uses technology all the time and are white enough to call what you can't explain a machine.

  4. Just suspend reality and try to laugh. You do that every time you play a video game or watch a movie. My blogs make fun of ignorance and arrogance aka "the American point of view." As for being "a white person" I am, but when I see something in a video game or movie I have enough sense to know it is all fiction. If your writing a research paper DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT use my site as a source. However, if you seek an escape check me out again. I write stupid things that smart people laugh at. You can chose which column you fall into. By the way, I'm adopted and my parents are Asian. Slant-eye or round-eye is the same thing to me.

  5. AJO12 Knows way too much about Street Fighter and took your blog way too seriously.

  6. Agreed. Thanks for reading. Pass on the stupid to a loved one or a mortal enemy. Either way, it's a step towards world domination. Thanks again.

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