Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's Just Money

I never would of thought I'd have a better credit rating than the country in which I reside. There's a fine line between terrorist, anarchist and patriot. It's all about point of view. If we didn't label them we couldn't tell them apart. Never underestimate someone willing to die for what they believe.
Attacks on an enemy without fear of stepping on the toes of morality happens everyday. In our newspapers, the terrorists are referred to as self-righteous, delusional zealots. Motivated by their own perverted beliefs.

Our elected leaders are "C" students without street-smarts. Their minds powered by self-preservation. Never questioning the repercussions of their actions or lack there of. We elect lawyers and cowards, then act surprised when they make us grab our ankles.

The funny thing about terrorism is you never get a chance to label yourself. We leave that job up to people who are self-righteous, delusional zealots. Motivated by their own perverted beliefs.

See what I did there...Yeah, I'm real deep. 

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