Monday, September 19, 2011

Russ Martin Off Air

The Russ Martin Show will return to the air in about a week. A yelling match started between Russ and an unnamed black male and a scuffle ensued. The reason for the altercation is still under investigation. The time off-air is a self-mandated punishment imposed by his employer. More details to come.

Update: The location of the altercation took place at Cool River in Irving Texas. Employees broke up the fight and Russ left. The other participant in the fight is thought to be ex-Dallas Cowboy Micheal Irvin. As Russ left the scene, Irvin followed him to the Golden Corral restaurant located on Belt line Road also in Irving. As Russ got out of his car Irvin confronted him again and police were called to control the situation. There were no serious injuries.

Update: An unconfirmed rumor claims the television show COPS was present during the entire altercation. The existence of the video isn't in question, but it's availability to the public is far from certain. Both camps are expected to not decline their rights to anonymity. As it stands they can still show it, but it must be fully censored. The network is expected to make an offer to both parties. 

Uptaint 9/26/2011 : This was a joke that snow-balled out of control. Most folks read it and deemed it ridiculous, yet still spread the rumor. Over the past few days my audience bloomed into the thousands and it was pretty cool. 

Russ and the crew pulled some great pranks over the years and I'm certain most of his gun-shy listeners wear high-fidelity bullshit filters. I didn't fool anyone. Either way, hearing my stupid story read on The Russ Martin Show today was sweet. 

They were right about almost everything. The blog did get posted on radio forums by people desperate to appear interesting to folks that matter less than they do. I only linked to Facebook to screw with my friends and fellow listeners.  

We must all strive to "make the stupid" as we stumble through our day like narcotized Grand Canyon Donkeys following the ass in front of us. 

RMS fan out.


  1. Too Funny!!! What are the odds, Russ doesn't have white lines!!!!!

  2. Isn't the edge also owned by clear channel?

  3. Yes, same building.

  4. I dont believe it! Russ going to Irving from Plano...? Granted he likes Cool Rivers, but to go from there to Gloden Coral, that is where its not believable! Me thinks the rumor mill is turning faster.

  5. yeah, i'm gonna have to call bs on that too...i don't think russ would set foot in a golden coral....

  6. why has nothing been said on the local news stations about this arrest. You would think it would especially if it was really Michael Irvin.

  7. This is the most retarded story I have ever read!

  8. Absolute BS. People will believe anything.

  9. I'll bet they are going to the evenings!!!!

    I need to go to Vegas!!!

  10. I was right!!!!!

    Starting 9-26-11, Russ goes 3-7p!!!!

    Headed to Vegas!!

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