Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Letter to a Post 2012 World

If you are reading this the world must of ended. Either you're an alien-being colonizing the charred remains of our planet, a mutant-zombie or I'm your ancestor. We sort of scoffed at the whole Aztec calendar thing. Honestly, we were too busy and their attire was too ridiculous for us to take them seriously. As a general rule ,we humans, are a reactionary species that tends to be a bit self involved.

The planet Earth was an okay place when we were alive. Some us did great things. We cured diseases, built things beyond our own comprehension and we were the master of all species. We even enslaved each other at different times in our history. It was an effective way to get things done, but not practical. Slaves always seem to get pissed and revolt.

Sometimes we killed each other, sometimes we loved one another and the rest of the time we watched reality TV shows. TV is short for television. We used it for entertainment and to dilute our minds. Which reminds me, if you see any relics from our culture with the words "Jersey Shore" on it, feel free to burn it for warmth.

We also had a lot of gods we prayed to for salvation and enlightenment. Then we would fight over who was right. Some people even felt there wasn't a celestial plain, they merely existed. Needless to say there was friction between the factions. Do your best to get everyone on the same page. It will speed up the progress of your fledgling civilization greatly.

Whatever you see is your's I guess. It really doesn't matter who's is what anymore. Do your best to keep that thought in mind. Our culture often got caught up in territorial pissing matches over the dirt your standing on and everything that had any conceivable value. We loved to act smart and take pride in our ignorance.

The other thing you should know about us is we were the best and worst species on this planet. For every great conquest a thousand atrocities followed. A great deal of the bad things just happened, others we knowingly caused. It's not an admission of guilt just a statement of fact.

There's something else you should know. I'd recommend using whatever advanced technologies you might have to cure what our kind referred to as "Cancer." It killed us from the beginning of time till the end of our present.

Other than that, here's the keys to what's left of our planet. Armed with this knowledge you should be able to build a utopia. Of course, I'm dead so you'll probably ignore my warnings. I know that's what I'd do.

So with that said, I pass on to you the arrogance my generation left me. Sometimes it will get you into trouble, sometimes it will make you look foolish and on rare occasions it's the only thing that matters. When arrogance worked in your favor we called it "pride."

We were kings of our world, but we willingly retarded our progress. Nothing we did was totally perfect, but we did it our way. Fail to plan, plan to fail I guess.

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